Absolutely worthy! If you really want to learn how to surf, Greg is a truly experienced coach who will make you feel confident and understand every stage in the process. I had 10 sessions and my improvement rocketed from the first day.
Kike, 37 years old - Spain
Surf training
Greg is very attentive and does not content himself with "copy and paste" and even remotely, his advice and his coaching are precise and detailed, always with a leitmotif: pleasure! And the icing on the cake, the running sessions concocted by Greg allowed me to lose 6 kilos!
Anthony, 37 ans - Paris
E-coaching Running
I was recommended Greg for the preparation of my marathon goal. When choosing e-coaching, I was tempted to take yoga in addition, it was good for me! I feel a real added value. A coach present for you and listening to you, who is not stingy in advice and in addition, the flexibility of coaching! Twice, I upset the preparation to participate in 2 races including my first half marathon finished in 1h44m35s!
Florent, 26 ans – Sarthe
E-coaching running & yoga
Greg gave us a great yoga experience despite the distance. Technical problems (on our side) disrupted the session but Greg was able to keep his common thread. We appreciated the "sporty" approach of breathing exercice. To do again!
Athletic Club de Penvénan - section Judo - Bretagne
Used to looking for adrenaline rushes but prone to back pain, yoga sessions with Greg allowed us to channel and refocus our energies. The sessions are done in the living room in video, at 5, from 12 to 40 years old!
Rozenn, Stéphane et leur famille - Bretagne
Greg is always available, patient and attentive to his students. Its method is effective, its support allows you to learn to run without suffering, always with a smile, to progress step by step.
Daniel, 42 ans - Corse
E-coaching Running

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