Explore the perfect balance between body and mind in Phuket

Nestled at the convergence of cultures and well-being, our exceptional center in Phuket offers an array of captivating classes, ranging from yoga, running, surfing and languages.

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Our expert coaches: the key to your personal fulfillment

Whether you seek a deep immersion into Thai culture or a thrilling active getaway, our center provides a vibrant and nurturing environment tailored to your aspirations. Immerse yourself in the guidance of our expert coaches amidst the lush tropical backdrop, and prepare to be enchanted by the diverse range of experiences we have curated for you.

Testimonials from our customers : Discover their unique experience

The true testament to the quality of our center lies in the experiences shared by those who have already enjoyed our services. Our satisfied clients have attested to the transformative effects of our invigorating surf lessons and captivating language courses. Their stories serve as a powerful testament to the positive impact of their time spent with us

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Cameron RumseyCameron Rumsey
07:35 27 May 23
With less than 20 lessons Noinha is able to help me learn a lot of Thai language. I did not speak any Thai but now I can communicate with coworkers without Google translate! I have much to learn but Nha is very helpful, I will continue taking lessons here.
Alvin ChiaAlvin Chia
05:52 18 May 23
My daughter have been training with Coach Greg for a while now and have improved leaps and bounds in her running performance , especially with the post yoga breathing and stretching. Greg is a dedicated coach with patience for children and my daughter looks forward to her training sessions each time. Thank you Coach Greg and the team at Training Phuket!!
Elspeth SterlingElspeth Sterling
04:30 17 Apr 23
Noi Nah was exactly the type of person I was hoping to find as a Thai teacher. She is dedicated to her work and has been able to continually find interesting challenges for me over the six months I've studied with her. I appreciate the genuine interest she shows in my own pursuits to maintain conversation, which is necessary for practice. She also brings interesting excerpts from her daily life to assist with my education. I have advanced enormously, noticing I am understanding so much more going on around me. We are also reading 'The Midnight Library', which covers some complex concepts and Noi Nah is very good at explaining how the Thai sentence structure is used for these. I always look forward to our weekly class and am amazed by how quickly it's over!
Chloe KirtonChloe Kirton
06:27 18 Jan 23
I started meditation a few months ago to try to find some inner peace. As a mum of 2 young children and step mum of three Life is quite hectic.I can quite happily say that Greg has helped me not only in everyday life but at one of the most important days of my life.I got married a few weeks ago and had a session the day before the wedding, this helped me have one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was able to go through my entire wedding day at a slow relaxed pace with no stress at all which meant I was able to take every moment in slow motion so I can still picture the entire day in my head.If you are thinking about trying meditation, I can’t recommend Greg enough he turned what would have been one of the most stressful days of my life into a stress free, relaxed, and memorable day that I will cherish forever. Thank you I just wish i'd started sooner.
14:07 14 Aug 22
My instructor Greg is a great teacher and knowledgable. I had an amazing time learning how to surf

Our favorite services: yoga, running and surfing

Within our diverse range of courses, it is Yoga, Running, and Surfing that continually captivate the hearts of our esteemed customers. Whether you seek tranquility and equilibrium through yoga, strive to enhance your endurance through running, or yearn to conquer the waves through surfing, these activities form an ideal blend for an enriching experience in Phuket. Each class is meticulously crafted to not only elevate your physical abilities but also forge a profound connection with the stunning beauty that surrounds Phuket.

Find Harmony with our Yoga Classes

Indulge in moments of tranquility and mental clarity as you partake in our revitalizing yoga classes. Our skilled instructor will lead you through tailored sessions, enhancing your flexibility, strength, and inner serenity. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Phuket’s palm-fringed surroundings, and unlock the transformative power of yoga.

Discover your yoga journey here

Boost your Stamina with our Running Sessions

Get ready to embrace Phuket in a whole new light as you embark on running sessions. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned runner, our coach will assist you in enhancing your physical fitness while immersing yourself in awe-inspiring landscapes.

Start your running experience now

Master the Waves with our Surf Lessons

Embark on the ultimate adventure in Phuket with our exhilarating surf lessons. Irrespective of your skill level, our seasoned coach will guide you to enhance your abilities and experience the thrill of riding the magnificent Thai waves.

Dive into the surfing adventure today 

Family Offer

While your child is in their individual lesson

Make the most of your free time while your child attends their French or Thai lesson by treating yourself to a bespoke yoga session in our exclusive language and yoga learning center at TRAINING Phuket. Immerse yourself in a personalized yoga experience tailored to your needs and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of our dedicated facility.

If your friend is also interested in learning either of the two languages, our offer extends to you as well!

1 100 ฿

2 private lessons – 60 min

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